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Water Sensitive Cities

The water sensitive approach integrates ecologically and economically sustainable water infrastructure (also known as nature-based solutions) into buildings and landscapes.

Decentralised water infrastructure is implemented at dwelling, neighbourhood, and precinct scales to harvest rainwater/stormwater, recycle wastewater, and protect against flooding and environmental pollution.

Wastewater is managed locally, using natural passive treatment processes such as constructed wetlands and soil-based filters. Stormwater runoff is conveyed using swales, surface wetlands, and biofiltration gardens, to minimise flooding and environmental pollution. Locally sourced water is used for a range of domestic purposes and economic activities—such as in novel systems of vertical and horizontal urban agriculture—while green spaces increase local amenity.

City State Continuum

Historical stepwise progression from "big pipes" to a water-sensitive approach

Green Technologies

  • Nacovu, Suva

  • Beaumont Nasinu, Suva