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Paul Bonnington

Professor Paul Bonnington’s research interests lie with medical-imaging AI, and developing advanced computational solutions to combinatorial problems particularly in the areas of discrete geometry and graph theory. He has published in a wide range of journals, and a book on the foundations of topological graph theory.

In 2008, Prof Paul Bonnington was appointed Director of the Monash eResearch Centre, the largest and most comprehensive eResearch centre in Australia. This multi-disciplinary centre now includes over 50 eResearch, data and computational professionals providing expertise, computing, visualisation and data capabilities into numerous research areas such as Microscopy, Cryo-electron microscopy, Macromolecular Crystallography, Neuroscience, Archaeology, Proteomics, Genomics, Structural Biology, Bio-medical Imaging, Climate Modeling, Machine Learning and AI, Computational Chemistry, Materials Engineering, Fluid Dynamics, Transport Research, Astro-physics, Epidemiology, Geophysics and Mathematics. Since 2010, the eResearch centre has been selected to host over $27M of Australia’s federally-funded national eResearch infrastructure for specialised high-performance computing, research cloud services and data storage and data management, underpinning the data-centric research of over 4,000 researchers.

The work of the centre, particularly in real-time scientific instrument data processing on software-defined infrastructure is internationally regarded and many of the innovations of the centre have been adopted in related European projects. The centre is a global centre of excellence and strategic technology partner for Agilent, Nvidia, Airdoc, Mellanox, Dell, Cumulus, and Redhat.

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