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RISE International Scientific Advisory Panel

RISE is guided by an International Scientific Advisory Panel. The Panel comprises seven distinguished experts from a range of fields and institutions, who provide independent advice to the RISE leadership on the scientific integrity of the program.

  • Ted Bianco (Panel Chair)

    Independent Advisor; Honorary Professor, Monash Sustainable Development Institute; former Director of Innovations & Acting Director, Wellcome Trust

  • Sarah Bell

    Professor of Environment Engineering, Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources, University College London

  • Karen Coelho

    Associate Professor, Madras Institute for Development Studies

  • Christopher Dye

    Visiting Professor of Zoology, Oxford University; Former Director of Strategy, Office of the Director General, World Health Organization

  • Paul Hunter

    Professor in Medicine, Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia

  • Diana Wall

    University Distinguished Professor, Department of Biology; and Director, School of Global Environmental Sustainability, Colorado State University

  • Jose Siri

    Senior Science Lead, Our Planet, Our Health program, Wellcome Trust

RISE Governance Advisory Panel

  • John Thwaites

    Chair, Monash Sustainable Development Institute

  • Cheryl Batagol PSM

    Monash Sustainable Development Institute Advisory Council Member

  • Ross Coppel

    Deputy Dean and Director of Research, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University

  • Rob Hogarth

    Independent Director

  • Nicola Nixon

    Governance Director, The Asia Foundation

Data Advisory Panel

RISE's Data Advisory Panel provides expert advice on RISE's research data strategy. The diverse team ensures research data accelerates research activity, while maintaining data protection and privacy in accordance with ethical and regulatory requirements.

  • Anitha Kannan

    Director, Research Platform Data Strategy, Monash University

  • Karin Leder

    RISE Assessment Leader

  • Dr Matthew French

    Program Manager

  • Dr Brett Davis

    RISE Deputy Program Manager

  • Dr Fiona Barker

    RISE Data Manager

  • Dr Moataz Medhat ElQadi

    RISE IT Solutions Architect

  • Professor Andrew Forbes

    RISE Chief Investigator - Human Health

  • Associate Professor Julie Simpson

    RISE Chief Investigator - Human Health

  • Megan Fincher

    Senior Lawyer, Monash University

  • Stephanie Lombardi

    Director, Data Protection and Privacy, Monash University

  • Paul Bonnington

    Director of eResearch, Monash University

  • Amr Hassan

    Delivery Leader, eResearch, Monash University

  • Dan Maslin

    Chief Information Security Officer, Monash University

  • Chris MacManus

    Operations Manager, Helix

  • Steve White

    Program Director - Enterprise Technology, Monash University