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Smart Cities, Healthy Cities

8 August 2018

On 8 August, RISE Indonesia joined a number of government, NGO and community stakeholders for a Makassar Smart City Forum, held by the Makassar City Government with the United Nations International Organisation for Migration (IOM). The forum was held to increase cross-sector participation and cooperation in creating a smart, healthy city.

The Mayor of Makassar, Mohammad Ramdhan Pomanto, represented by the Head of the Makassar City Communication and Information Service Department (Kominfo), Ismail Hajiali, expressed his appreciation to all stakeholders who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the progress of the city of Makassar, especially in the health sector.

Chairman of the Forum, Prof. Dr. Noor Bachri Noer explained a number of changes that have taken place in the city of Makassar, including changes in terms of smarter waste management, planting mangrove trees along the coast and improved clean water facilities.

RISE Indonesia Coordinator, Jane Wardani and Communications Officer, Ina Rahlina attended the event. They said it was an invaluable opportunity to hear from and connect with other public health stakeholders from government, NGO and community sectors. They were also able to provide an update of RISE progress to the Head of Public Health Section of the City of Makassar Health Department.